Offering high-quality millwork made from hardwoods, The Detering Company will supply your new construction or remodel project with a range of products. Made in our custom manufacturing shop or from trusted manufacturers, our millwork products are created to your specifications and follow your aesthetic, complementing the home's overall design.

Cut and created from raw lumber, our millwork products encompass everything your build or remodel could need. Detering offers top-of-the-line moulding, interior and exterior doors, plywood, lumber and stairways, as well as the hardware and sundries necessary to complete the look.

Custom Millwork

Using domestic and imported hardwoods sourced from vendors found all over the world, Detering is able to secure a variety of species, including most rare hardwoods. For unparalleled craftsmanship, you can also choose between a plethora of profiles and styles that enhance your overall custom build or renovation.

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Whether you're choosing to finish your home with our high-end line of manufactured millwork or are interested in having completely customized millwork crafted, The Detering Company, with over 90 years of experience, will guide you in the right direction. Choose from our extensive product offerings for more information, product specifications and resources.


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