Rogue Valley Fir Doors

Detering offers a wide selection of exterior and entry doors available in a variety of materials. Our mahogany doors are all custom made in-house from solid mahogany. Glass is all IG Low E tempered glass. There are also many options allowing you to customize the doors to your liking, including a door from our custom manufacturing shop.

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    • Rogue Valley Fir Doors - Rogue Valley
    • Rogue Valley

    • Fir

    • Insulated Low E Tempered Glass

    • 2-0 x 6-8 1-3/4
      2-0x8-0 1-3/4
      2-6x6-8 1-3/4
      2-6x8-0 1-3/4
      2-8x6-8 1-3/4
      2-8x8-0 1-3/4
      3-0x6-8 1-3/4
      3-0x8-0 1-3/4