Scarf Joints Method Makes Joints Disappear

Scarf Joints Method Makes Joints Disappear

In any space, visible joints detract from the overall elegance of the design, but when the space is oversized, with joints every eight to twelve feet, it’s overwhelmingly noticeable. Even material painted to mask joints can open over time, creating unappealing areas the eye is drawn to. Homes with grand spaces often run into this situation, where standard building material won’t suffice because of the many seams it creates.

The issue applies to a variety of products including crown moulding, baseboards, wainscoting, ceiling beams, hand rails, and window trim and casings. Because long lengths of many species of wood, including alder, birch & cherry, are invariably unavailable, shorter lengths of material must be joined together to complete the space. When produced by an expert – like Detering’s Custom Moulding/Hardwood Specialist, Bill Fishburn – the joints disappear, giving the impression that there is one, continuous piece of wood.

Using a scarf joint, Detering’s custom manufacturing shop provides clients with a natural look. Desired by custom home builders, architects and designers, this method is an alternative to splice joints which can produce a crude, undesirable look. With no fabrication limit on the length, two or more scarf joints can be created on a single piece, creating a piece up to 30 feet long and beyond.

Carefully matching the color and grain of the wood, the two pieces that will be joined are carefully selected. Some wood species like oak scarf together better, while alder and cherry are more noticeable, but still more desirable than a butt joint. The appropriate angle is calculated before cuts are made to both ends. In the Detering shop, Fishburn even tested his colleagues to see if they could identify where the joint was in a test project featuring oak wood. None of the seasoned building material suppliers could point out the exact location.

To some, creating the perfect scarf joint is similar to an artform. It takes patience, care and expertise to identify the right pieces to join in the precise location. With the new scarf joint service now available at Detering, your next custom home building project can be masterfully taken to the next level. Call 713.869.3761 to learn more about this method.